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Latest Press release in .pdf format below

Thank you to Containment Technology Services for the kind donation of 30 face sheilds. 


CAVRA Press Release – Jan 2020

CAVRA Press Release 2 – Jan 2020

CAVRA-Flood-Report -Feb 2020

CAVRA Press Release 4 – May 2020 

      GVS (Comic Relief) Grant

CAVRA Press Release 1 – 2021

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Quick update

The last 12 months have been “challenging” to say the least!

We have come through a general election, the excitement of Brexit, followed by
Storms Ciara and Dennis, with the ensuing floods that so badly affected South Wales.

COVID 19 came along and, we don’t know when the pandemic will be over, with another two months before 2021 arrives!

Like many Charities, we have offered our services and are struggling to survive, as 99% of our income has been lost due to events being cancelled.

But, there is also another side to this situation.

Whilst we continue to be available, what is disappointing is the actions of some agencies and charities.

This ranges from a lack of support or use, not being as helpful as they might, to sticking their heads in the sand, up to and including total obstruction.
At the end of the day, we are all trying to save lives!

There is much disparity between the large, rich and powerful charities and the smaller independent ones, this is not dissimilar to the situation that currently exists whereby small stores have to close completely, and large supermarkets are allowed to remain open…..

Just think, the next time you want to use something, will it still be there……

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