So you’re Interested in joining CAVRA?

Being a volunteer can be very rewarding but can also make great physical and mental demands on those involved.

Whilst CAVRA will train you in specific rescue skills, the starting point for membership is from a background of being comfortable in all conditions, wet and dry, in both summer and winter.

There is a progressive system through introduction, development, and demonstrated experience.

This training period alone can take up to 18 months; therefore individuals need to be able to make a long term commitment to CAVRA

Training starts with the basics, First aid, Land sar, Communication, Swiftwater and Flood First Responder (SFR) in the first year. Then onto more advanced skills including Swift water rescue, flood power boat operator and more once you have proven commitment.

The requirements for consideration as a volunteer would be:
You are Over 18 years of age.
Be Reasonably fit and generally in good health.
You MUST Have a Full Driving Licence.
You MUST Have access to a vehicle 24/7, 365.
You MUST be able to Swim a reasonable distance (50 Metres) confidently.
You will need a reasonable level of fitness.
Be comfortable working in and around fast moving water.
Be Available for an acceptable proportion of the day (cavra provides 24/7 cover)
Be available to Commit to at least three nights of training and a weekend event day every month.
Still interested?
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