CAVRA Assist in Search for missing Penarth Youth.

The CAVRA Team were called out to assist in the search for a missing, vulnerable, 16 year old Penarth youth on Friday 22nd December.

A number of open spaces around the area were searched, and the youth was found at Cosmeston Lakes and taken to a place of safety.

CAVRA Team members pass  Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Boat Operators Course.

Congratulations to 3 CAVRA Team Members who attended and

passed their Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Boat Operator course

at Cardiff International White Water Centre this week.

Well Done!


CAVRA Receives Donations from Wellwishers.

CAVRA receives donations from Family, Friends and Supporters following search for missing male in Pontypool area.

The CAVRA Team provided assistance during the search for a missing male person in the Pontypool area recently, as a result, the Family, Friends and other CAVRA supporters have donated equipment to the Association.

We would like to place on record our sincere thanks for these donations,especially Tammy,Phillippa and Paul.


CAVRA Team assist in search for missing male in the Pontypool area.

At the request of the family, CAVRA assisted Gwent Police to search for a missing 49-year-old male in the Pontypool area.

He was first reported missing on 13th October and was seen heading towards the canal on Monday16th October.

The CAVRA team were called on Sunday 22nd after offering their services including their newly purchased Sonar equipment. However, further information was received that he had been seen on land in the area.

The team mobilised and took full Search & Rescue equipment including the Sonar, should it be required.

Over 4 days, the area around the Llandegfedd Reservoir was thoroughly searched, as well as the area around Pontypool, Little Mill, and Glascoed.

Numerous sightings were reported and acted upon, with many locations being investigated by the Police using Dogs, Drones, and Search team assisted by CAVRA.

The CAVRA team have searched so far for a total of 216 hours and travelled over 1200 miles.

The Police are still continuing their investigations and searching for the missing person.

CAVRA is a voluntary Search & Rescue Organisation.





CAVRA Sonar now Operational

Thanks to  grants from the National Lottery (Awards for All) and the
Peoples Postcode Lottery grant schemes, CAVRA is pleased to announce that it has additional Search & Rescue capability.

A new Starfish Sonar device is available to assist in searches for missing persons, discarded objects and other items that may have entered the water.

Also, we also have an underwater camera, which, may be used to support sonar operations.

The Sonar equipment may be deployed as a rear tow device, but. may also be pole mounted. This means that it could also be deployed from the bow, side or stern of our boats.

Training has been completed and with experience we will be able to decide on the best method to use in any given situation.

Search Techniques: This will obviously depend of the area to be covered, but, normally a creeping line ahead method will be used in rivers or lakes.

In small rivers one “sweep” will probably be enough, however, in wider rivers or lakes it may take a number of “sweeps”

Protocol; Should any suspicious item/s be found, then, a cordon will be put around the scene and the local Police contacted immediately.

Full crime scene procedures will be implemented, and may be updated by the local Police.

The equipment is available on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year at no cost.
(Although, donations are always welcome!)

It is capable of covering an area 25 metres either side of the boat, down to a depth of 25 metres.

Currently the equipment is battery operated. However, we are in the process of fitting a fixed electrical supply to 2 of our 3 boats.

CAVRA is a DEFRA approved Flood Rescue Team (B122) and is available to support operations as required.

Photographs of the equipment are attached for your information.
The Orange object is the Starfish sonar and the Yellow object the underwater camera.